Digital Photography Classes with hands on practice.

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Photography starts with knowing how to operate the equipment,
then your approach to create an image and how to use or create beautiful light.

Understanding your camera settings, how to use your lens, applying rules and techniques of composition
and using your light sources correctly gives you the freedom to create amazing photographs.

It may sound simple, but theirs so much to learn.
I started teaching in 2008 and every year I know I'm learning more from workshops I provide and attend,
by practicing and experimenting, I call my learning a journey into the world of photography.

What I offer :
Hours of learning with hands-on practice.
Individual attention in small group to address your personal needs and questions.

My Objective
Inspire you to enjoy the art of photography.
Make your Photography Journey Easier.
Photography Classes
San Diego, Long Beach, Redlands, Temecula, Las Vegas, Tijuana & Ensenada
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